We have a group of kids, (orphans) who are shy, timid, inactive and sad) we want you to come and motivate, inspire and give them hope”…..This phrase is what kids hall of talents lives for…In Novemeber 2018 ACTWID gave us a phone call said te magic phrase

Now, unlike adults who simply need to read a book or attend a motivational conference to get some inspiration. Kids need to see other kids do things that are amazingly extraordinary, kids dont read motivational books neither do they have the interest to listen to some word tricks on motivation…..

At the beginning of the conference, just before the hall was half full we projected videos of some kids singing and dancing…carefully we watched their reaction…the excitement and joy, they couldn’t hide suddenly all of them began singing along “time to shine, time to shine” we promised them the person they just watched will come and sing for them live…most didn’t believe, as they rebuked the fact…..

Now, the beginning of the conference proper. Talking about self introduction,it was a hell of a task as many kids were scared of the microphone, few came up and spoke. The exercise was to present their
Names/ Age/and The person closest to their heart.

During this exercise, There’s this particular kid who literally cried while rejecting the microphone, she is a muslim (her name #Amira). She was not alone… of the kids we came with who is amazingly talented in music refused to carry out the exercise, i mean this is a kid who sings in front of a large crowd every time(his case we are working on)

So, During the conference we surprised them with guest appearance of the artist they have been watching all along as we promised; who is no other but the 8 year old KOWAN Official……we told them “look here’s the boy you have been watching all along”. They refused to believe, it was until he took the microphone and performed the song that they had a sudden paradigm shift….
He performed together with the kid we described in paragraph 5, who earlier refused the microphone in the previous exercise.. well lets leave his case for now.



Here’s the magic Part.
After the performance from the 8year old. We had an exercise where, we left the floor open for anyone who wanted to sing surprisingly, almost every kid in the hall wanted to sing, and to our greatest surprise Amira(refer paragraph 5) opted to sing, got the mic and actually sang for 2 minutes, 3 seconds…

This is the quickest reaction we have had so far…usually when we carry out conferences like this we call the homes in 1 week to get feedback on the behavioral changes in the kids but hey, this is an immediate reaction right in front of us.

Your kids might just need a moment to spark up that greatness in them….give them a chance.

Kids Hall Of Talents Foundation can always make that happen and only if you can let that happen.