Inspired by the ongoing socio-political unrest in Cameroon that has caused mass exodus of families (kids in particular) out of their comfortable homes into other regions. We launched a new branch in Douala to target internally displaced kids physically challenged kids and orphans with a project dubbed the “FEEL AT HOME” project. This is the first time we are carrying out such an outreach in Douala.



Building confidence in the internally displaced, orphaned and physically challenged kids through talent showcase, skill acquisition and gift sharing.

Targeting the bonaberi community in particularly the first phase of this event took place at A.S.A.F orphanage .  Thanks to the management of ASAF for giving us the opportunity to reach out the the distressed kids in the best way known to us.


On february 23rd 2019 at ASAF, We witnessed a display of talents among the kids who partook in the SingingDancingActingDrawingTailoring activities. At the end of the day special prizes consisting of Study MaterialFoodClothing etc were awarded to the top 3kids of all 10 activities. Appart from the individual prizes offered to the kids to encourage them, general gifts consisting of food items,vegetable oil were given to help the management of the home.


Every kid out of the home. who visited equally had the chance to benefit and had gifts to take home. The event as confessed by Mr. LOH Sylvester; the father of the house was one of its kind. In his own words “This is the first time we have had such a visit since we created ASAF” . “It’s a different dimension, i have never seen these kids this happy and active” he proclaimed.


By 4pm we parked our bags and left ASAF with a data base of the talents identified and it was evident that our journey with ASAF had just begun. It was refreshing to get Mama LOH’s words of encoursgement and an open arm to welcome us whenever we want to visit the identified talents for follow up and training. who pointed out that Kids’ Hall Of Talents Foundation could always “Feel At Home“at ASAF. Before finally having an office in Douala..we engaged in a 3 months follow up with the identified talents teaching and drilling the kids in computer technology, dancing singing and public speaking etc. Though our project with the kids in ASAF  continues, we now have an office in  Akwa-Rue Pau.

We equally want the entire community to join us in our journey. The “Feel At Home” project shall run throughout the year 2019 and consists of monthly visits to homes harboring Internally Displacedorphaned and Physically Challenged kids…if you want to visit any of these special homes, join us lets bring something new to them, something to build their Confidence and push them towards Self Sustainability.


  • Partnership: we partner with individuals or organisations who wish to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday with the less privileged.
  • Promote /Coverage: 
  • Donate a gift: Gifts range from food items(rice, garri, palm oil, vegetable oil drinks etc) , Study materials(books, pens, school bags etc), bathings (soap, clothes, slippers, shoes, towels, toothbrush, sanitary pad), *play items*(Football, Basketball, Jerseys, Tenis balls, toys, a basketball ring,)
  • We also intend to install some income generating items before leaving each home, like
  • Sewing MachineLocal Grinding Mill