There’s a habitual practice where individuals visit orphanages, and offer gifts to kids, many people go as far as performing shows and activities to entertain these kids without actually giving the children the opportunity to display their own Potentials. Speaking with many people we realised that these visitors complain of not having time to stay back and actually give the time to the kids to showcase their potentials. This has gradually kept the kids at the receiving end and could permanently implant in them the notion that they are simply weakling who have no worth and potentials to show but receive gifts out of pity Which is not true! it is on this backdrop that We decided design a project to engage orphanages in creative activities dubbed the father Christmas inter orphanage kids competition an opportunity for these kids who hardly have such opportunity to showcase their talents in various activities. this will not only create impact in the lives of these kids but will help us attain our stage one objective which is the talent identification. so if we are not attending kids events to help us identify talents, we are creating events ourselves; a typical talent identification platform. The father Christmas inter-orphanage kids competition is an annual event said to take place every December.


On a typical FIKTC, we engage the kids in 10 activities. On the 17th of December, 2019, Over 300 kids and 200 visitors came together under our banner and took part in the activities listed below


At the end of each activity, the first 3 winners were noted. At the end of the event, every kid was given special gift by “father Christmas” gifts ranging from Christmas toys, buckets, chair, shoes, study materials(books, pens etc. the total of 21 kids who were chosen as the winners of the activities were awarded an additional gifts ranging from food items that will not sustain just the kids individually but will equally aid in the management of their various homes (Bags of rice, pallets of water and sweet drinks, Sugar, flour. salt, seasoning etc.

The overall impact is a new feeling of self-worth , self confidence and self esteem built in these kids who are usually forgotten about especially during the December festive period. CONTACT us to be part of this epic Life changing Event. Help us put a smile on the face of the less priviledged kids