Founded in March 2016 and registered on November 17, 2017 kids hall of talents foundation is a Cameroon based charity organisation. Since its conception, it has worked towards improving the moral values of kids in over 6 areas in the territory including Mbengwi, Bafut, Mankon Douala, Fundong, Bertoua. Identifying, training and promoting talents in areas of Basketball, public speaking, music, tailoring etc. Since its creation high focus as been on orphans, the vulnerable and the physically challenged kids. Kids hall of talents foundation has the potential of becoming Africa’s cradle for value driven talents and skills.


  • To empower Kids and give them the necessary guidance through effective trainings, information, knowledge and skills acquisition;
  • To create a forum that brings together Kids and experts in various leading professional fields and sectors who serve as positive role models, to engage in productive trainings around their common interests and related interests around development and leadership
  • Organize and record talent shows, competitions and exemplary trainer practices for distribution and dissemination for educational and entertainment purposes to the stakeholders and community at large
  • Inspire, Motivate and support children participation in awareness programmes against risk behaviours and lifestyles including drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, environmental protection, juvenile delinquency peace building and conflict resolution through campaigns, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Collaborate with other organizations with similar interests and concerns at the local and international levels.
  • Advocate Influence policy and practice of talent development and management by creating partnerships with governments, sporting, cultural, health, educational, vocational training institutions, organizations and individuals.
  • To build confidence in the internally displaced, orphaned and physically challenged kids through talent showcase, skill acquisition and gift sharing.


We are out to identify, nurture, develop, train and promote talents and skills in every kid.


Africa’s cradle for value driven skills and talent.